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We are enlisted amid the prime Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of the Herbal Extracts from Haryana, India. The Herbal Extracts are processed in a very hygienic manner under strict quality observation, so as to retain the original purity. Global buyers can lay their hands on the Fresh Amla, Indigo Henna Powder, Neem Leaves etc offered by us, at reasonable prices. We assure their safe & steady delivery!

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Botanical Name(s) Emblica Officinalis
Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta
Class Magnoliopsida
Order Euphorbiales
Family Euphorbiaceae
Genus Phyllanthus L
Species Phyllanthus emblica L.
Popular Name(s) Phyllanthus Emblica, Emblica, Amla
Parts Used Fruit
Habitat Northern and South Western India

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From Faridabad, Haryana, we share space with the A-listed Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of the Fresh Amla across the globe. Processed under good and hygienic manufacturing practices, our Fresh Amla is free from any kind of impurities, chemicals, and other harmful substances. To ensure the unscathed delivery of Fresh Amla, we rely upon the foolproof packaging and transportation means. Also, our prices are highly economical.

Description :
The bark of Indian gooseberry, also known as amla, is gray in colour and peals in irregular patches. Its feathery leaves, which smell like lemon, are of linear oblong shape and size 10 to 12 mm in length and 3 to 6 mm in width. The flowers of this herb are monoecious, having greenish-yellow colour. They grow in auxiliary clusters and start appearing at the beginning of spring season. The fruit is almost spherical in shape, light-greenish yellow in colour and appears to be very hard. Its taste is sour and bitter.

Plant chemicals :
The active ingredient that has significant pharma-cological action in the plant has been designated 'phyllemblin' by the scientists in India. The other ingredients contained in the herb are gallic acid, tannins, pectin, and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Uses & Benefits of Indian Gooseberry :

  • Indian gooseberry is one of the richest known sources of vitamin 'C'. As such, it proves to be an effective medicine against scurvy.
  • Powdered dry herb is mixed with an equal quantity of sugar and consumed thrice daily with milk, to remedy scurvy.
  • It is considered to be a good remedy against heart diseases. It serves to tone all the vital organs of the body and builds health by eradicating the harmful disease-causing elements from the body.
  • The herb has amazing revitalizing effects on the body. It helps prevent aging and maintain strength in the old age. It also enhances the immunity of body against diseases.
  • Indian gooseberry is known to be excellent in preserving eyesight. It is also beneficial in treating conjunctivitis and glaucoma, by reducing intraocular tension.
  • It serves as a very valuable remedy for enriching hair growth and pigmentation. The oil prepared by using this herb is excellent for hair health and prevents greying.
  • The dried fruit of this plant is very useful in treating diarrhoea and dysentery. It is also used to treat acute bacillary dysentery.
  • Due to its high vitamin C content, Indian gooseberry proves to be very effective in controlling diabetes. The juice obtained from its fruit, when consumed regularly, stimulates the pancreas and capacitates them to secrete insulin. This reduces the sugar level in blood.
  • The culinary uses of Indian gooseberry are many. In South India, its fruit plant is used to make pickle. Tender varieties of the fruit are used to prepare dishes as well. In some parts of the country, it is traditionally consumed after meals.
  • The herb is also used in shampoos, hair oils, inks and dyes.

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Use Cosmetics
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 1year
Form Powder
Part Leaf
Features Good Quality, No Added Chemical, Non Harmful

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We put at the disposal of our global clients, Indigo Henna Powder that naturally dyes the hair to deep reddish, brown and black shades. Also, Indigo is combined to henna, to get the perfect shade. It is rigorously tested by our quality auditors to ensure complete compliance. For lucrative offers, contact us. We are the globally-famous Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of the Indigo Henna Powder from Haryana.


What it is?

  • Indigo, Indigofera tinctoria
  • Indigo powder is from the ground leaves of the indigo plant which contains a deep blue dye used for centuries for textiles including the
  • original blue Levi Strauss jeans!
  • The leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a powder for use in textiles, arts, and as a natural hair colorant.

What it does?

  • Indigo combined with a henna application on hair can produce deep rich red/brown shades through a rich jet black color without any chemicals!
  • This is considered safe for those with chemical sensitivities and during pregnancy or while nursing. A doctor should be consulted if you have any concerns.
  • Indigo with Henna is a great replacement for modern chemical dyes if you are having a reaction or eczema caused by chemical color. This is your solution!
  • Indigo blended with henna creates a medium brown to rich deep brown hair dye
  • Indigo applied over henna treated hair makes a lush black hair color
  • Adds richness, shine, and texture
  • Covers gray hair
  • Use as often as you like for healthy dark brown to black hair color
  • Non drying
  • NO chemicals, preservatives, PPD or nut derivatives

How to use it :

  • As a BROWN dye :
    • Go brown, auburn, chestnut, or chocolate with your hair naturally!
  • For Brown, auburn, chestnut, or chocolate hair coloring use a 1 step process by combining indigo with henna
    • First
  • Prepare henna paste and allow it to sit for 12-24 hours until the dye has released.
    • Second

Mix indigo into the henna paste, you may adjust the consistency with warm water until it’s the consistency of thick yogurt.

Allow to sit for 15 minutes

  • Apply the indigo/henna paste to dry or damp hair in sections, completely coating all the hair down to the roots.
  • It’s easiest if you start from the back and move forward. Wear gloves to protect your hands from being stained and drape an old towel over your shoulders to protect clothing.
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap and allow to soak in for 1-6 hours
  • Rinse or shampoo to remove any residue
  • Condition to soften hair (some people skip the shampoo)
  • Repeat : Monthly for healthy, thick and shiny, dark locks
  • The higher proportion of indigo to henna the darker the color will be
  • The longer you allow the paste to soak in the darker and richer the color will be
  • Takes about 2 days for the color to oxidize and show it’s true shade

As a BLACK or Deep Brown dye : Go bold. Black and deep brown hair naturally!

Use henna first for your base tone and then indigo to create rich black hair color in this 2 step process

For Black and deep brown hair coloring use a 2 step process. Apply henna to your hair for a deep red base then apply the blue indigo to create the rich deep browns and blacks.

  • First

Apply a henna paste to your hair to create a rich red base. Follow directions for henna here.

  • Second

Apply indigo over the freshly hennaed and washed hair to create the deep black color

Mix indigo with warm water until it’s the consistency of thick yogurt.

Optional, add 1 teaspoon salt per 100 grams of indigo powder for darker color. Allow to sit for 15 minutes

  • Apply the indigo paste to dry or damp (previously hennaed) hair in sections, completely coating al the hair down to the roots. It’s easiest if you start from the back and move forward. Wear gloves to protect your hands from being stained, drape an old towel overyour shoulders to protect clothing.
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic wrap and allow to soak in for 1-2 hours
  • Rinse or shampoo to remove any residue
  • Condition to soften hair (some people prefer to just use conditioner)
  • Repeat : Monthly for healthy, thick and shiny black locks
  • Takes about 2 days for the color to oxidize and show it’s true shade
  • For a scent you may add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your paste mixture.


Storage :

  • Indigo powder: fridge, or cool dark place.
  • Paste : use immediately as indigo paste does not freeze or keep well.

How much do I need?

  • Short Hair 1 Box or 100 Grams
  • Shoulder Length Hair 2-3 Boxes or 200-300 Grams
  • Long Hair 4-5 Boxes or 400-500 Grams

What else you need to know?

  • Disclaimer
  • We recommend you perform a strand test before using any of these recipes or products on your hair to be sure you like the color and result.
  • Test the product on a small section of your hair or on hair harvested from your hair brush.
  • When using natural products please keep in mind that every product will react and color your hair uniquely. The result will be different and unique on everyone depending on hair type and condition. There are many ingredients and recipes to try, have fun experimenting!
  • You may deep condition after the herbal dye treatments to counteract dryness.

What it looks like :
Indigo powder is a medium to bright green powder from the ground leaves of the plant and smells like fresh peas, very strong and pungent. When mixed into a paste it is a dark rich green that slowly shows blue dye on the top and will appear a navy blue/blackish color with time.

History and Use :
Indigo has been used for centuries as a textile dye, and hair colorant. It is what, until the advent of chemical dyes gave blue jeans that special navy shade and Is still used to dye the beautiful flowing blue robes of the Berber tribes in Northern Africa/Morocco


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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Botanical Name(s) Azadirachta Indica
Family Name Meliaceae
Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta
Order Sapindales
Family Meliaceae
Genus Azadirachta
Species A. indica
Popular Name(s) Indian Lilac, Margosa Tree
Parts Used Leaves, Flower, Oil, Seed
Habitat Grows throughout India

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Location Anywhere in India

From Faridabad, Haryana, we are the celebrated Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the Neem Leaves across the globe. Known for its antiseptic and curative properties, these Neem Leaves are provided by us in hygienically cleaned and packaged form. To retain the freshness and the pristine state, we store and transport the Neem Leaves in the temperature-controlled conditions. For nominal pricing and timely delivery, rely on us!


Description :
A fast-growing tree, Neem (azadirachta indica) can reach a height of about 15 to 20 meters (115-131 ft). The trunk is short, straight and has a diameter of 1.2 m (about 4 ft), wherein the branches spread out widely. Young leaves are reddish to purple in colour and turn into dark green pinnate leaves on maturity. The white and fragrant flowers are arranged auxiliary in drooping panicles, about 25 cm in length. The smooth olive-like drupe fruit is elongated-oval to nearly roundish in shape. Neem is grown in tropical and semi-tropical regions of India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Pakistan. It is also known as ‘Divine Tree’, ‘Heal All’, ‘Nature’s Drugstore’, ‘Village Pharmacy’ and ‘Panacea for All Diseases’ in India.

Plant Chemicals :
(+)- Azadirachtin, Nimbinene, 6-Desacetylnimbinene, Nimbandiol, Nimbolide, P-Sitosterol, Salannin, Gedunin, Azadirone, Nimbin, Nimbidine, Nimbicidine, Nimbinol, Sitosterol Glucocide1, Quercetin, N-Hexacosanol, Nonacosane, Moisture, Proteins, Fat, Fiber, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Thiamine, Niacin, Carotene, Gedunin, 7-Deacetoxy-7a-Hydroxy Gedunin, 17p-Hydro.Xy-Azadiradione, 17-Epiazadiradione And Nimbiol.

Uses & Benefits of Neem :

  • Neem products have medicinal properties that prove to be anthelmintic, antifungal, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fertility and sedative.
  • All parts such of the tree, such as seeds, leaves, flowers and bark, are used in preparing various different medical preparations.
  • Its oil is used for preparing cosmetics, like soap, shampoo, balms, creams, etc, which prove handy for skin care, such as in treatment of acne, for keeping the elasticity of skin, and so on.
  • Patients suffering from chicken pox are recommended to sleep on neem leaves.
  • It is known to neutralize more than 500 pests worldwide, including insects, mites, ticks and nematodes, by affecting their behaviour and physiology.
  • The gum of Neem tree is used as a bulking agent to prepare special purpose food for diabetic patients. Its twigs are commonly used for cleaning teeth.
  • A decoction can be prepared from the roots of Neem tree and ingested to relieve fever.
  • The paste of Neem leaves is applied on skin to treat acne.
  • Neem leaves extract is helpful in treating malaria and purifying blood.
  • Various parts of the tree are used to protect stored roots and tubers from potato moth.
  • Neem is used in vitiated conditions of pitta, hyperpiesia, leprosy, skin diseases, eczema, leucoderma, pruritus, intermittent fever, wounds, ulcers, burning sensation, tumours, tubercular glands, anorexia, vomiting, dyspepsia, intestinal worms, hepatopathy, cough, bronchitis, inflammation and fatigue.
  • Fresh Neem Leaves are mixed with grains and cereals before storing them, ensure that the latter do not get spoilt.
  • In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Neem leaves are used to prepare a dish called Ugadi Pachhadi, a type of curry prepared with Neem blossoms.
  • The flowers of Neem are mixed with and bella (jaggery or unrefined brown sugar) and offered to friends and relatives, as a symbol of sweet and bitter events in the upcoming New Year.

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Application Parlour, Personal
Cultivation Type Organic
Shelf Life 1year
Purity 100%
Form Powder
Features Easy Coloring, Gives Shining, No Ammonia.
Process Hair Conditioner

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Situated in Haryana, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the Neutral Henna Powder, which is obtainable at discounted prices. Processed in the decorous manner, the Neutral Henna Powder is used for nourishing and conditioning the hair, without imparting any color. Checked in the foolproof manner, the Neutral Henna Powder is doled out by us in premium-grade packaging. Also, we are lauded for executing timely delivery.


Details :

  • Neutral henna is a powder made out of neutral henna leaves after sorting, grinding & sieving from the henna fields. It is very good for hair treatment as it prevents hair fall & makes it naturally strong. As the name itself defines that it gives only nourishment & conditioning not colorings, neutral henna does not give any color effect.
  • The conditioning properties of henna are so strong & desirable that treatments with ‘neutral’ henna are very popular. Neutral henna deposits a minute but a highly reflective, cellophane like coating on each hair shaft.
  • This results in a brilliant shine that reflects the many colors that are already in the hair. The cuticle of the hair is smoothed by the sealing action of neutral henna giving it a polished look. Also with its application the hair gets protected from the sun & air pollution and its regular use improves texture and adds shine.

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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Botanical Name(s) Sapindus Mukorossi
Family Name Sapindaceae
Kingdom Plantae
Subkingdom Tracheobionta (Vascular plants)
Division Magnoliophyta (Flowering plants)
Class Magnoliopsida (Dicotyledons)
Subclass Rosidae
Order Sapindales
Family Sapindaceae (Soapberry family)
Tribe Andropogoneae
Genus Sapindus (Soapberry)
Species Sapindus Mukorossi (Chinese soapberry)

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We, hailing from Faridabad, Haryana, are the distinguished Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the top-grade Reetha Pods across the globe. Known for numerous skin, hair and health benefits, these Reetha Pods are handpicked and qualitatively processed by us, so as to keep up with the internationally applicable standards. The meticulously-packaged Reetha Pods are attainable from us in the required quantity, at affordable prices.

  • Popular Name(s) : Soapnut, Soap Nut, Soapberry, Soap Berry, Washnut, and Wash Nut, Ritha, Aritha, Dodan, Doadni, Doda, Kanma and Thali
  • Parts Used : Soapnuts, Soapnut Shells, Soapnut Shells Powder
  • Habitat : Temperate to Tropical regions throughout North India and Nepal in hills and plains in deep clayey loam soil with areas experiencing nearly 150 to 200 cm of annual rainfall.

Description :
An attractive medium sized deciduous tree, Reetha (Sapindus mukorossi), stands up to 20 m in height, with gray smooth bark and pinnate leaves. The tree bears leaves in 5-10 pairs, with large drupes. The trunk of the tree is straight and cylindrical, going 13-16 ft in height and has an umbrella-like hemisphere measuring about 16 ft in diameter. The tree is ever-growing and in 70 years of existence, it can attain a height of up to 82 ft and a girth of up to 9-16 ft. The size of the leaflets tapers towards the tip of the rachis.

The flowers on Reetha plant grow during the summer season and are small in size and greenish white in colour. The fruit appears in July and August and ripens by the months of November and December. This ripened fruit is then either sold in the market as soap nut or collected for seeds, as they tend to germinate easily. The dried fruit has a soapy texture and is used to prepare quality shampoos, detergents and a substitute for washing hands. Moreover, the plant is soft and green when it is fresh.

Plant Chemicals :
3-O-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1?2)-[agr-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1?3)]-ß-D-glucopyranosyl (21,23R)-epoxyl tirucalla-7,24-diene-(21S)-ethoxyl-3ß-ol (1) and 3-O-agr-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1?2)-[agr-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1?3)]-ß-D-glucopyranosyl (21,23R)-epoxyl tirucall-7, 24-diene-(21S)-methoxyl-3ß-ol (2).

Uses & Benefits of Reetha :

  • Reetha is used as the main ingredient in soaps and shampoos for washing hair, as it is considered good for the health of hair. The trend of washing hair with soap-nut (reetha) is still followed in many local households.
  • The jewellers in India use this plant to bring back the lost brightness of ornaments made of precious metals like gold, silver, etc.
  • The herb is also used in the treatment of extra salvation, migraine, epilepsy and chlorosis.
  • It has been placed as a popular herb in the list of herbs and minerals in Ayurveda and is used as an important ingredient in cleansers and shampoos. In addition, it is used for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and for removing freckles.
  • Reetha is also used for removing lice from the scalp, as it has gentle insecticidal properties.
  • The plant is known for its antimicrobial properties that are beneficial for septic systems.
  • It is an important herb that is used in the treatment of contaminated soil. Moreover, it has also been used for washing and bleaching cardamoms, further helping in improving the latter’s colour and flavour.

Caution : Reetha has no adverse effects, but direct contact with the eyes should be avoided.


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Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Type Shikakai
Style Dried
Usage Hair Oil, Medicine, Murabba, Skin Products
Features No Added Chemical
Packaigng Jute Bag, Net Bag

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Location Anywhere in India

Situated in Haryana, we have carved niche in the global markets as the Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the Shikakai Pods of the best kind. Acclaimed for the rich herbal properties, these Shikakai Pods are hygienically processed by our deft team, in order to make them compliant with the global norms. Owing to our capacious warehousing facility, we timely cater even large orders, at minimal prices.


Details :
BOTANICAL NAME – ACACIA CONCINNA : Shikakai is a small shrub like tree that grows in warm, dry plains of central India. This shrub bears small pod like fruit which since ages, people have used to clean their hair. It not only works as a best cleanser for hair by removing oil and dirt but also promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff and removes lice thus giving a lustrous, healthy look to hair. Shikakai powder has a naturally low PH is mild & also acts a detangler. Hence this herb is often called the world's original PH balanced shampoo.


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